Los Angeles Humanity
Group Foundation
Board of Directors
Melvin Snell - Founder / Director
Background: Real Estate Developer, Mandated Dispute Resolution Mediator,  Owner, Stock Broker, Mortgage Banker, prior owner Complete Business System.

Birgitta Croil-Snell
Background: Property Manager, Private Banker,  Financial Analyst, Mortgage Banker, Legal Document Assistance,  Unlawful Detainer Assistance.  

Al Foster
Background: Public Relations Consultant, Special Events Coordinator, Advocate & Community Organizer, Producer/ Post Production Coordinator, Media Relations.

Marie Lemelle
Background: Community Activist, Public
Relations, News Reporter,  Marketing Director, TV Host, Business Owner,
Founder & CEO of Platinum Star Public Relations Firm.  Television host of "Beyond the News".
Larry Keener
Background: Microbiologist, Food Safety Regulator,  Manager, Business Owner,   International Trade,  Founder & Co-Founder of the Global Harmonization Initiative, International Association for Food Protection.
Christine Chavez
Background: Civil Rights Leader, Union Legislative Advocate, Public Service & Outreach, United Farm Workers of America Co-Founder (Cesar Chavez's grandaughter), Co-Founder Latino & African American Leadership Alliance.  
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